Getting Naked With Glen Hanson

Getting Naked With Glen Hanson

In the years he’s been a professional illustrator, the multi-talented Glen Hanson has worked with top-notch brands and he’s seen his art published in top-tier magazines like Vogue, GQ, Entertainment Weekly, the Wall Street Journal and so many more. He’s the rare artist who can not only make a living doing what he loves, but who has created a style unlike anything else out there...and it’s one that people clearly want.


In addition to everything else that keeps him busy, Hanson has teamed up with Daftboy to create a limited edition line of colorful, fierce fans that reference some of the most beloved characters, people, and sayings in pop culture history. The references are instantly recognizable, and these fans will set their owners apart from even those with impressive collections of accessories.

I mean, who doesn’t want to carry a little bit of Herstory with them at all times?

I spoke with the man behind the art himself about what inspires him and what he wants to make next (which is tough to answer when you’ve already done seemingly everything under the sun!), and he held nothing back...which is exactly what I expected, and, like his fans, exactly what I wanted.


Tell me about how you got started drawing.

Basically, when I picked up a pencil. My parents say my talent started exhibiting itself when I was about two and a half years old and I just never stopped drawing from then on.

When did you first realize you could make art for a living?

I always intended on drawing for a living whether it be in animation or comics. I never imagined I would end up doing illustrations for magazines, advertisements, and other merchandise as well!

The fans featured on Daftboy are all similar in theme—what would you label this theme and what inspires you to draw these things?

“Fabulous Bitches?” I’m gay and I love Fabulous Bitches. It’s that simple.

These fans have been selling really wellwhat is your response to people loving your work on fans?

Quite simply…I’m erect! It’s the biggest compliment to know that people will actually pay to have something with the imagery I create on it…that they think it’s fun, fabulous and can WERQ IT!

Is there a reference you’d love to draw that didn’t make it onto a fan?

Just one?! Many, many, many! Just clone me so five Glen Hansons can draw 24/7. Better yet…the other four can work and I’ll go on vacation!

The fans are so popular—is there another kind of merchandise you’d love to make with your art on it?

Wow! My artwork is already on tees, mugs, cards, iPhone covers… How about cars? The limited edition “Glen Hanson” Divamobile!

The fans featured on Daftboy reference movies, TV, and music. What is your favorite movie, TV show, song, and album?

Girl, I’m a Libra… I can’t pick one of anything!


Make sure to view the evergrowing line of

Glen Hanson's Fans



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