About Daftboy

Daftboy is an LGBTQ+ owned and operated startup based in San Francisco. We are committed to creating high quality and unique fans in tandem with our other accessories and gear that are perfect for any occasion including festivals, raves, dancing, performance and Fashion, Fashion, Fashion.

Our customers (Dafties) are at the core of our company. We constantly strive to not only improve our products but to design and engineer new and innovative products that meet our customers' needs. In fact, we encourage our customers to reach out to us and share their thoughts, wants and needs with us so that we can create unique pieces that fit any occasion.


Daftboy is heavily influenced by the boys, girls, and everyone in-between in the clubs, the streets and our lives. It’s a bit social media, politics, street fashion and history.Β  Think for the people, by the people. (Yes, we stole that line.) Because it’s built by a team that’s been there, done that. And they are ready for something new. Something different. Something inspiring. Something for YOU.Β 


Yup, Wordy... But you wanted to know or you wouldn't be here. :P