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About Daftboy

This fashion line is for everyone who is tired of the normal, the acceptable, the P.C.; for those who want to define their destiny instead of being defined by another. Independents. Freedom fighters. March-on-the-streets-and-raise-their-voice kind of Bad Asses. That spirit is exactly what drove Tim Cochran to create Daftboy.

For the past 13-plus years, Tim promoted and grown national retail fashion brands, all the while dreaming about his own lifestyle line. But it seemed impossible that a boy who grew up on a Navajo reservation in Arizona and spent his youth in Minneapolis coming to terms with his identity at a time and in a place where being different was tough could pull it off. But he did. He cobbled together funds, found manufacturers and started putting his inspiration into production. What he’s turned out is a comfortable, fashionable, controversial line that’s dangerous with a wink. Fun with flavor. And, hell to the yeah, cool to wear.

Daftboy is heavily influenced by the boys, girls, and everyone in-between in the clubs, the streets and our lives. It’s a bit social media, politics, street fashion and history.  Think for the people, by the people. (Yes, we stole that line.) Because it’s built by a team that’s been there, done that. And they are ready for something new. Something different. Something inspiring. Something for YOU. 

Yup, Wordy... But you wanted to know or you wouldn't be here. :P 

Timothy Cochran