About Daftboy

Daftboy, a dynamic San Francisco-based Accessories and Lifestyle brand, proudly asserts its identity as an LGBTQ+ owned and operated entity. Globally renowned for its exceptional talent in designing and crafting high-quality fans and accessories, Daftboy's creations effortlessly transition from the dynamic atmospheres of festivals, concerts, and raves to seamlessly integrate into everyday fashion. Beyond personal accessories, the brand extends its imaginative prowess to offer unique and stylish home accessories.

The brand's influence knows no bounds, garnering attention and admiration from prominent celebrities like BeyoncΓ©, Madonna, RuPaul, and Billy Porter, among others. Daftboy's products have become synonymous with glamour and trendsetting, gracing the stages of numerous TV shows, Movies, and live events worldwide.

Central to Daftboy's success is an engaged and passionate community, where a community-centric approach places a strong emphasis on valuing the input and needs of Daftboy enthusiasts. Drawing inspiration from a rich tapestry of current events, vibrant rave culture, eclectic street fashion, and the ever-evolving dynamics of society, Daftboy stands as a beacon of diversity and innovation.

Maintaining an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of creativity, Daftboy consistently produces fresh and inspiring designs. The brand's mission goes beyond crafting accessories; it is about creating a genuine connection with its audience. Daftboy aspires to offer products that resonate deeply with its diverse audience, reflecting the brand's inherently inclusive ethos and leaving a lasting impact on the world of fashion and lifestyle.

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