The Rewards Of Voting

The Rewards Of Voting

Voting in free elections is one of the greatest privileges afforded to American citizens, and it is something you should not only take great pride in doing—it is something you should look forward to.

Being involved in the political process can be as simple as heading to the voting booth on election day, but if you’re going to do so, you really should dedicate the time and effort to researching every candidate running for every position that will be on your ballot, and you should familiarize yourself with the issues they’re talking about and the propositions that will also require you to make a decision this time around.

Yes, you heard me, if you’re going to do it right, it takes work!

Sadly, this is one thing that scares people off, but this time around, there are more rewards to be had for those who vote than just the feeling of having taken part in the greatest democracy in the history of the world (according to some, at least). What are those rewards?

1. Taylor Swift Will Be Proud Of You

Silent when it came to politics until just recently, the country-turned-pop star has finally raised her voice and used her massive platform to speak about something that actually matters. She urged people to vote, and she even took sides in an election in the state she started her career in.

Now that she’s in it, Swift won’t stop talking about voting (something that’s already happened). So, if you ever get a chance to meet the “Style” musician, do you really want to have to tell her you didn’t vote, even after she bucked the trend and told you to?

Just imagine the icy glare she’ll give you and that should be enough to head to a polling station now and wait.

2. Billy Eichner Probably Won’t Yell At You… Maybe

One of the most outspoken celebrities when it comes to voting, the Man on the Street himself has been furiously trying to get people to sign up and vote (and vote Democrat, mind you) for years...and if Swift won’t, Eichner really will yell at you for not doing so, and that will surely be a hell of a lot scarier than if the Grammy winner did.

3. The Smugness Of Telling Everyone You Voted

If you don’t show off your “I Voted” sticker on Instagram just after walking away from the ballot box...does your vote even count? We’ve all see plenty of pics with these little stickers, and while it’s always a bit exhausting when the entire feed is filled with exactly the same image, the only thing worse is not being able to take part at all.

Are you really going to be the only person in your network without one of these selfies come November?

4. $10 At Daftboy

Speaking of those “I Voted” stickers, they can actually get you more than just a lot of likes on the ‘gram. Daftboy is offering $10 in store credit to those who can show they stood up and took part in democracy with such a pic. That’s a pretty sweet deal just for a photo and checking a few boxes, isn’t it? In fact, Daftboy might be the only company willing to cough up the cash to make sure young fan-loving homos come out (again) on election day!

If you want all the details about what Daftboy is willing to give you just to get you to do your civic duty (!!!), CLICK HERE!

5. The Cheeto’s Friends Could All Be Fired

Okay, I wasn’t going to go partisan in this post, but I can’t help it. Would anyone reading this really be upset if all the politicians across the country who support Trump suddenly end up looking for other work, replaced by those who make sure none of his terrible policies are enacted?

Elections are on November 6, so make sure you’re registered (you can check that here)

And then go out and actually vote!

American needs you, and you need more Daftboy.

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  • Stephanie

    A friend has one of your fans with “Vote” on it, a checkmark and red, white and blue. Will you be selling them again or do I need to make a custom order? Thanks.

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