Daftboy Fans Make Waves On MTV's EMAs & BBC's Strictly Come Dancing

Daftboy Fans Make Waves On MTV's EMAs & BBC's Strictly Come Dancing

It’s been a wonderful couple of months at DaftBoy and we’re hard at work getting ready for the holidays (more like holi-SLAYYS cause we have some great things planned). One of the most exciting things to happen lately is that we’ve been featured on not one but TWO of the hottest shows across the pond. 

First, we were in the smash BBC celebrity dancing competition, Strictly Come Dancing! Our fans made a sickening appearance in an opening number alongside the king of dance himself, CARLTON (Alfonso Ribeiro). The fans used were our Beyond Basic Fans that were gussied up for this fierce vogue performance. 

Next up was the MTV European Music Awards! 🏆 We all know that envelopes are SO overrated. That’s why the MTV EMAs revealed each of the winners with a THWOORP! We loved seeing the biggest names in music next to our humble fans. All of the fans were custom ordered and were a blast to get together. Congrats to all of the fabulous winners!! We know that seeing your name on our fan was the *true* prize. 

Also, Green Day, if you’re reading, we’d love to hang out sometime.

As always, if you’re looking to add a little THWOORP to your next big event, we’re here to help make your fan-tasies come true! Afterall, our fans make every moment red carpet worthy.






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