A Holi-Slay Shoutout

A Holi-Slay Shoutout

Throughout the years, Daftboy has been privileged to work with some of the fiercest, most talented queens in the business. Our fans have been held and displayed by the likes of the unforgettable Miss Vanjie, Carson Kressley (okay, not a drag queen, but we love him just the same), and even the winner herself, Trixie Mattel, and those are just a few of the beauties who have d
onned our wear...until last night, that is.

Daftboy Fans Seen on Rupaul's Drag Race:

As you all saw during RuPaul’s Drag Race Holi-slay Spectacular (you all saw how completely bananas and delightful it was, right?) the fans the queens (and one elf) displayed so beautifully were from, you guessed it, Daftboy. The one and only Ross Matthews (who added an extra bit of holiday cheer by playing a miniature elf throughout the special) carried the glittering, golden #Extra fan...and he looked great with it!
My, he looked stunning with that beautiful fan in his hand, didn’t he? The answer, of course, is a resounding YES, and you deserve to look just as fun as Matthews. I mean, it’s Christmas--who doesn’t want to be a handsome elf who’s ready to throw some proper shade?

Now that the cat’s out of the bag (or maybe pussy is the best word for this occasion) and the season has arrived, you can purchase your own fan and look just like Matthews...or at least have the same accessories.
The fan-favorite fan (say that three times fast) is available now, but might I suggest you pick one up now? If you’re naughty and you wait, there won’t be any left by the time you decide to embrace your inner fierceness and keep cool during the...well...coldest months.

Wonder how such beautiful fans came into being? Why, they’re custom, of course! If this pretty selection doesn’t tickle your sleigh bells, you can always alter it or make something up that’s entirely yours. Daftboy’s custom option won’t limit your creativity, and you may find that instead of buying gifts for other people, you’re maxing out your credit cards and spending all of Daddy’s (take that however you want) money on fans for yourself.

For those who only want to take, take, take instead of give, give, give—isn’t it really better to do both?—we have a specially-priced, limited-time bundle that will surely be to your liking. It has fans for all the seasons: winter, summer, and ALWAYS.

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