Daftboy Does Custom...Or You Can Make Your Own Handheld Piece Of Art

Daftboy Does Custom...Or You Can Make Your Own Handheld Piece Of Art

One of the greatest things Daftboy offers is the ability to customize fans, which not every fan company can do, don't ya know.
Daftboy can help anyone create the fan of their dreams by selecting the wording, color, the color of the wording...it goes on and on. While all of this is wonderful, what if it’s not enough? Well thankfully, there are even more options, as the Beyond Basic Solid Fans, which are...exactly what you think...give you the freedom to go in any direction and do any damned crazy thing you want with your fan!
So, if you’re going to go nuts and get a solid color fan, here are just a handful of the things you can add to them that will spice things up and put even more color into your hand.

Add Glitter

First and foremost, let’s talk glitter. It’s not perfect—it gets everywhere, it’s impossible to clean up, and it’s actually not good for the environment—but it’s just so much fun, and we can’t live without it. Glitter makes everything better, including a fan. Sometimes you only need a bit of shine to take something to the next level, and that can be the case with pretty much everything, including a fan.
A plain color fan is fun, but adding some glue and some glitter to it will make it that much more special. You can either stick with the same shade or mix things up and add other colors. There’s no wrong way to do this...but be prepared for your outfit to become covered in glitter (as if that was a bad thing).

Write Something

Daftboy already offers dozens of fans with phrases and wording on them that make them must-haves. I personally love the #Extra and Shade options, but there are many choices that will help you stand out and say something, all at the same time. While there is a lot to choose from, perhaps something’s missing, and you feel you need to create something nobody else has. Thankfully, that’s easier than ever now with these Beyond Basic Solid fans!
Grab one in any color (though you may want to stay away from black in this case) and get writing! You can keep it to one bold word, or perhaps a full sentence...though that might be tough for someone to read while you’re waving a fan in their face (while you’re reading them, that is). I suggest you practice before you get to writing on the fan itself, but you should go wild here and totally claim this as yours and yours alone.


If you’re nervous to write something, you can always have a sticker say it for you. Going this route opens things up and takes the weight off you and your unsteady hand, which is wonderful for those of us who aren’t exactly artistically-inclined. There are millions of places online where you can order stickers with everything printed on them and in every color, shape, and size. I don’t need to tell you that the limit does not exist when it comes to options...and that’s what makes this tough!
You may even want to reach out to an artist and have them create a one-of-a-kind sticker or print for you, which will really make your fan unlike anything else out there. Sure, this may be a larger investment than you were initially planning on, but if you end up with something truly special, it’s all worth it.

Paint It

Okay, now this might be just for those who really have the artist’s touch, so if that’s you, listen up! Get your brushes and your pigment (if you’re really into painting) and get to it! You can paint something realistic or go full-on Jackson Pollock on your solid color backdrop, just have fun! Make sure it’s something you’ll be proud to show off for a long time to come, and do your best to ensure it will one day end up in the Louvre.

Design a Custom Fan Now: https://daftboy.com/pages/custom


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