Daft Deliveries FAQ

How much is the membershipΒ toΒ the Daft Deliveries?

Membership to theΒ Daft Deliveries is 25.00 a month (min 2 months) + Shipping and Taxes (Where Applicable.)

What comes with my membership?

With your membership to Daft Deliveries, you will receive two 13 inch Bamboo hand fans.

Which fans will I receive?

BothΒ fan designs will come directly from our website.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, after 2 orders cycles you can cancel anytime.

Can I place my Membership on hold?


What If I don't like my fans?

You can swap out any fan.Β However, you are responsible for all shipping charges.

How do I Sign Up?Β 

Click Here Silly!Β