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Oaklash is dedicated to building new and ever-expanding stages to showcase & elevate queer talent. Our event aims to create a safe and welcoming environment that not only accepts but celebrates members of the queer community, especially queer and trans people of color. 

Our stage was created to showcase performances that are boundary-pushing, provocative, especially staying true to the history of Oakland, CA as a home to creative renaissance rooted in diversity. We hope that by amplifying and supporting the queer art community we can emphasize the need for investment in the arts in the face of gentrification, growing economic disparities.

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Oaklash Fan -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Fan
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OakLash Stripe DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
OakLash Stripe DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
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Oaklash Cap - Hats  - Daftboy
Oaklash Cap
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Oaklash Stripe Tote -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Stripe Tote
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Oaklash Mug -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Mug
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Oaklash Logo DaftTee™ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Logo DaftTee™ T-Shirt
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Oaklash Logo Trucker Cap -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Logo Trucker Cap
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Oaklash Logo Mug -  - Daftboy
Oaklash Logo Mug
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