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Roberto Nisi a.k.a. Bobo Bear is a former supermarket worker who dreamed to draw, bought some pencils, moved to London and now is a popular gay bear artist. Bobo’s colorful characters are sexy, goofy and joyful.
Mask for Mask Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Mask for Mask Fan
Regular price $25.99
Bobo Bear Kiss Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Bobo Bear Kiss Fan
Regular price $25.99
Ice Cream Dream Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Ice Cream Dream Fan
Regular price $25.99
Unicorn Bobo Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Unicorn Bobo Fan
Regular price $25.99
Judging You Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Judging You Fan
Regular price $25.99
Woof Bobo Bear - Fan - Daftboy
Woof Bobo Bear
Regular price $25.99
Under-Bear Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Under-Bear Fan
Regular price $25.99
Gingerbread Bears Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Gingerbread Bears Fan
Regular price $25.99
Christmas Rear Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Christmas Rear Fan
Regular price $25.99
Holiday Hunk Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Holiday Hunk Fan
Regular price $25.99
Bobo Bear Daddy Fan - Fan - Daftboy
Bobo Bear Daddy Fan
Regular price $25.99

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