Dads And Daddies

Dads And Daddies

Now that it’s June, the LGBTQ community will be focused primarily on Pride Celebrations, but there are other holidays this month (though none are as fun as Pride), including the equally-as-important Father’s Day.

Unlike Mother’s Day, Father’s Day often gets the shaft, and not in the good way. Too often it is overlooked and forgotten, even though many of our fathers deserve a day of their own!

In the gay world, there are fathers, and then there are daddies, and both should be honored on Sunday, June 17 with gifts, praise, and attention, and you should make this the year you do right by both of the special men in your life. Daftboy is having a sale specifically for this 2018 annual celebration of all things DAD, and everything on the site is 15% OFF from June 11th to the 13th with the codeDaddy (obviously). 


So, what does your father want, and what does your daddy want this year? Surprisingly, the two aren’t as different as you might think.

What Your Father Wants: Clothes

Okay, maybe your father doesn’t desire new clothes over anything else, but maybe he needs new clothes, and giving something somebody truly needs is a nice thought as well, isn’t it? I don’t know about your dad, but mine isn’t really much of a dresser, and from time to time, I’ve had to step in to help up his game...and by that, I actually mean make him acceptable for public viewing. Shopping for your father can be tough, but we help the ones we love, don’t we?

What Your Daddy Wants: Clothes

Hopefully, your daddy isn’t an older gentleman who can’t put together an outfit, but rather one who has his style game on point. Either way, Father’s Day is a great time to spoil him just a little, as he has done so many times for you. Wouldn’t he look wonderful in a harness (or perhaps just a harness t-shirt) or perhaps a shirt that features a dad joke? You can make that happen just by handing him what you'd like to see him in. Who is he to say no to a gift like that?


What Your Father Wants: A Hat

A hat is an easy gift to give, as it’s small, fairly inexpensive, and it’s tough to mess up. Most are one size fits all, and as long as you select something in a plain, innocuous color or a cap featuring the logo of his favorite local team (the sport varies from man to man, but it’s typically whatever group is closest), you’re probably headed in the right direction.

What Your Daddy Wants: A Hat

When it comes to your daddy, the options truly become endless. You can get him the same hat you got your father (though maybe he bats for a different team, if you get what I mean), but it might feel weird to buy the same gift for both your father and your daddy, right?

Instead of another baseball cap, why not go for something a little sleeker, or perhaps an accessory that’s really out there? Don’t be afraid to add a dash of color—you want him to stand out and for people to notice how handsome he is, don’t you? 


What Your Father Wants: Brunch

Brunch is something we can all agree on. Brunch is the one thing that everyone loves, because how could you hate it? Now, a brunch with your father is a very different experience from, say, one with your best gay guy friends, or one with your daddy (more on that below), but it’s still brunch!


Skip one week with the boys and take your father to a nice restaurant on a weekend morning. Ask him what he’s been up to and tell him about your life over pancakes and bacon...and perhaps a drink, depending on if you need it or not. Your time remains the best gift you can give your parents, and in the end, it’s probably what they want the most.

What Your Daddy Wants: Brunch

Both your father and your daddy love brunch, but you probably don’t want them to attend the same outing. If your daddy typically takes you to brunch, why not treat him? The mimosas must be unlimited, and there should be at least one drag queen somewhere to round things out. Bring your friends or make it intimate with just the two of you, but either way, daddy has earned this day, hasn’t he?

Just be careful that none of your friends flirt with daddy too hard, because we all know how messy things can get after a few brunch drinks, don’t we?


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