Plant Daddy In Straps 4 Inch Planter

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The Ultimate Daddy-Inspired Décor Piece!

This isn't just your average planter—it's a bold statement, a conversation starter, and a quirky addition to any space. Elevate your interior design game with this charming and unconventional planter that's bound to make you knows who'ss boss every time you see it. Crafted with meticulous detail, our planter is chiseled like a fine piece of work. 


  • Lifelike Design: Carefully crafted with attention to detail that matches our real life harnesses our "Daddy In Straps" 3D printed planter exudes personality. The bulldog style harness adds an edgy touch, giving off strong "who's your plant  daddy?" vibes.

  • Convenient Size: Standing at approximately 7 inches (18 cm) tall and 12 inches (30 cm) wide, this planter fits perfectly on shelves, desks, or any small nook in your home or office.

  • Spacious Opening: With dimensions of approximately 4.5 inches by 4 inches (11 cm by 10 cm), the ample opening accommodates most 4-inch plants. Whether you prefer succulents, cacti, or petite flowers, there's ample space to showcase your greenery and declare who's in charge.

  • Efficient Drainage: Say goodbye to waterlogged soil! Our planter features generous drainage holes to ensure optimal moisture levels for your plants, promoting healthy growth and preventing root rot. No more soggy bottoms here!

  • Includes Drip Tray: Keep your surfaces pristine with the included drip tray. It captures excess water, preventing spills and safeguarding your furniture from moisture damage, because even daddies can be neat freaks!

  • Sustainable Materials: Our "Daddy In Straps" 4-Inch Planter is made from sustainable materials derived from plants, ensuring eco-friendly decor that's as good for the planet as it is for your home.

  • USA / San Francisco Made: Each Planter is Printed when ordered with care in our San Francisco studio, ensuring quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Expect a 3-5 day production timeline for any 3d printed order.

Add a dash of Daddy-ness to your indoor garden with our "Daddy In Straps" 4-Inch Planter. It's a delightful blend of form, function, and a sprinkle of cheeky charm, guaranteed to make you smile. Order yours today and show off your inner Daddy!

    Important Notice: This item is crafted through 3D printing, resulting in each piece being uniquely individual.  Regrettably, we are unable to provide replacements or refunds for 3D-printed items damaged due to misuse or mistreatment or small imperfections. 

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