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Custom Fan Template (pdf)

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We are all about the .pdf !

This Product is for those that are proficient-ish in some kind of visual program and want to use their own tools to create their own custom Daftboy Fan Designs. 

Purchase our Daftboy Custom Fan Template and Play Away! 

Once your Ready to go visti our:

Custom Fan Uploader 
Where you can upload your files, select your finishing touches and create your own fan! :) 

Please Note: 

  • Our Logo will appear as seen in our templates in a contrasting color(s) of your design. This will be added regardless of whether you've incorporated it into your design or not. (So Have fun with it, and Jazz it up a bit!) We can remove our logo on layered files for an additional $5 Fee.
  • Our "db" Logo will always remain on the rib of the fan. (No Exceptions.) 
  • If you are using another Design Program your proportions must match that of one of our templates when you upload to or Custom Fan Uploader. 
  • We don't own every font in the world. (Although we wish we did!) So make sure to Rasterize your text layers so it shows up the way you want! :) 
  • Please make sure that the "Bleed / Clipping Zone" Layer(s) are is NOT visible on any Flattened Files submitted.