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Stacked Deck Fan 🔪 -  - Daftboy

Stacked Deck Fan 🔪

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This Deck Might Be A Bit Stacked. O.o

It was you... On The Dance Floor... At The Rave! 

Exclusively for Daftboy: Christopher Ables brings you new... old Friends.

Christopher Ables is a digital illustrator and graphic artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. A self-taught and natural artist he has been featured with the Advocate, Artist circle around the world and now DAFTBOY! 

Features a lightweight fabric with a golden print.  We use a lightweight bamboo rib with a solid rivet to give the ultimate thwarp / snap.

*Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn..* 

  • 13" of Fans Closed. Opens to 24.5 Inches
  • High-Quality Light Weight Bamboo
  • Rivet Attachment. We Don't Use Screws Like Others Do.
  • Exclusive Design
  • Long Lasting



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