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Miss FANGIE Fan -  - Daftboy


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Missssssss FANGIE!

*Walks Back Slowly*

Inspired by one of the greatest moments of 2018 ! We've altered the names to protect the innocent  (and so we don't get sued.), but not the sentiment! Our pattern is inspired by what was worn seen and heard around the world on March 22, 2018. #Herstory #Vangie

Features a color print with very lightweight bamboo rib with a solid rivet to give the ultimate thwoorp / snap. 


  • 13 inches of Fan
  • The thinnest lightest fan we've ever made.
  • Gives your Fanjie a great snap.
  • Rivet Attachment: We don't use screws like other do but still not an heirloom piece. (Never Get Screwed by Another Fan!)
  • Imported

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