Fan Holster | Fan Case - Flash Fantasy

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We Aint Gonna Holster Back ... Gurl.

Our Flash Fan Case features a heavyweight Flash Iridescent Fabric that reflects and refracts the light back. It looks like gunmetal to start and then you take a picture with a flash and WOW! The protective hood helps to keep your fan in place. We use a single velcro loop attachment so you can easily attach our case to any belt, belt loop, jockstrap, bikini bottom, or pack. 

*Perfectly Pairs With Any Fan*


  • Keeps Your Fan Close / Safe with a Protective Hood
  • Water Resistant Material!
  • UV Reactive!
  • Exclusive Design For Daftboy.
  • Single Velcro Attachment. Attaches just about anywhere including Belt, Belt Loops, FannyPacks, BackPacks, Swim Suits, Kandi WaterPack, 
  • Finished with ribboning and heat-sealed
  • Reflects and Refracts Light.
  • Fits MOST Thwoorp Styles of Fans: Closed 14 inches length x 2 x 2 inches thickness (35.5 cm x 5 x 5 cm)
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Raves, Festivals, Drag Performances, Weddings, Pride and so much more!