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Jessalyn Ragus

Jessalyn Ragas is a Psychedelic Erotic Collage Artist living in the Haight district of San Francisco. Through her artwork, she explores sexuality and eroticism, inspired by all things metaphysical, cultural/spiritual/female iconography and nature.  Her work references womxn/queer issues and experiences, her own personal experience as a queer womxn and shares her fantasy of a Queer Utopia. Using Psychedelic Erotica she hopes to eliminate the stigmatization around sex and sexuality by approaching eroticism in sweet, consensual mind-altering and humorous ways that invite everyone to the party. 
Resist Fan -  - Daftboy
Resist Fan
Regular price $25.99
Mushroom Flower Children Fan -  - Daftboy
Floral Fungi Fan
Regular price $25.99
Flower Power Fan -  - Daftboy
Flower Power Fan
Regular price $25.99
Chill Boi Fan -  - Daftboy
Chill Boi Fan
Regular price $25.99
Smoking Out The Daisies Fan -  - Daftboy
Smoking Out The Daisies Fan
Regular price $25.99
Private Parts Fan -  - Daftboy
Pretty in Privates Fan
Regular price $25.99
Resist DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Resist DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
Mushroom Lady DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Mushroom Lady DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
Chill Boi DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Chill Boi DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
Like Me Thru The Phone DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Like Me Thru The Phone DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
Smoking Out the Daisies DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Smoking Out the Daisies DaftTee™️ T-Shirt
Saturn Rising DaftTee™️ T-Shirt -  - Daftboy
Saturn Rising DaftTee™️ T-Shirt